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What Is a Reverse Offer?

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Today I'm going to be speaking about a more unconventional method when selling your home. A couple of years ago I was selling a lake house in Wisconsin (I'm not licensed in Wisconsin) with another real estate agent.

Basically what we did was make an offer to the buyer, which is a reverse offer strategy. I have always been told that you should not speak first in a negotiation, but I'm not sure if I always agree with that strategy.

Sometimes when you're selling a
home, it's best to make an offer to the buyer. If they have a large objection with your home, such as the price or the location, then you really have nothing to lose by making an offer to them.

This seems to work well in instances where the buyer isn't interested and appears as if he or she will not be making an offer. This can catch them off guard and sometimes it works, but even if it doesn't, you haven't lost anything.

I know it's an unconventional strategy, but sometimes it's what it takes to get a home sold.

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