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The Best Ways to Improve the Sale Value of Your Home

 Considering Selling?

Welcome back to Suburban Real Estate TV! Today we are excited to talk to you about 5 tips on selling your home that are of vital importance to you, the seller, so you can get your home sold quickly and for the most money.

1. The front door

 Firs impressions are important. it has been said that buyers make up their mind on whether to buy a home in the first 30 seconds of getting out of the car. The front door is the first thing that buyers' eyes gravitate towards on your home.

2. Neutral decor on the inside
 Only 10% of buyers can visualize what a home could look like, the other 90% only see what is in front of them. That is why getting as many neutral and soft colors into your home as you can is very important. Replacing brass with nickel and silver is important too and can go a long way in attracting buyers to your home.

3. Update your kitchen

 If we were to pick the most important thing on this list, this is it. The kitchen sells a home more than any other room. We have expertise in renovating kitchens and can make suggestions to you on how to fix your kitchen and make it more appetizing to buyers.

4. Update your bathrooms

 You would be very surprised what a new vanity top or faucet can do to a bathroom. We have even more suggestions we can offer you to improve your bathroom.

5. Be proactive, not reactive

 The only way that you can be proactive is with a verified home from This is like the car-fax for your house and it will help you get pre-approved and pre-appraised. Once again, that's